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Post by Snowdrizzle on Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:43 am

i realize the rules might seem a little intimidating, but i ask you to please read these over carefully. i don't want to have to ban you for doing something you didn't know was wrong.
these rules must be followed, and if you see anyone breaking any of these rules, please contact an admin. if you have been wrongly accused of breaking a rule, talk to us. we don't bite.
General Rules

  • do what we say. the administrators and moderators are the ones who actually run this site, so we deserve respect in return.
  • follow the golden rule. treat others as you want to treated. we do not tolerate bad behavior towards others on this site, unless it is in the actual roleplay.
  • we are a PG site. it's the circle of life. there will be blood, gore, violence, foul language, death, birth, and more. if you don't feel comfortable rping with this, then don't join. i honestly think that we are all mature enough to know that it is the circle of life, and we should just deal with it.
  • be active. if you join and never make any posts, your account will most likely be deleted, unless you have sent me or any other admins a pm (private message) as to why this is happening. it is just going to screw up my numbers.
  • swearing is allowed, just not too serious. i will allow saying the occasional "crap" or "hell", but other words like the f-word and the b-word and all of those are not tolerated her. i realize swearing is also a part of life, but i don't want to see someone swearing at each other or using "crap" nearly fifteen times in a sentence.
  • do not advertise. the only place you can actually advertise is in our affiliation and advertising board at the very bottom of this forum. if i see you constantly posting links to your site under topics or in the chat, it will result in a consequence, a ban or a warning.
  • do not ask to become a staff member. there is a reason that there is only a few admins. we can handle it. so, i please ask you nicely not to pester us that you're smart enough to become an admin. it will most likely be denied.

Character Rules

  • please refrain from writing 1-liners. i don't want to see "Silverpool snored." as the only thing you post. put some thought into it! really become your cat as you roleplay.
  • we have no character limit. but, please don't make a million characters. if you can handle it, fine! just don't come whining to us if you have too many cats and no one will adopt them or whatever the case is.
  • do not godmod or powerplay. please don't make your cat perfect. if i see a fight and the person you are posting with is trying to be invincible, please contact me and i will alert that person, because that is really stupid, if you ask me. the only time i'd ever allow that if it was for a major plot and only the main character had some powers. this also means don't take over for another character. if you roleplaying with someone but they are inactive now, say they fell into a daydream! you don't have to roleplay them. simply walk away.
  • if you are playing a leader or alpha, you have to lose some lives. i realize that leaders have nine lives, but, referring to the above rule, don't make them invincible so that they never lose any lives.
  • no unusual pelt colors. the farthest i'll let it go is a split face, like venus the famous cat. i don't want to see a rainbow-eyed sparkly cat, because i don't remember seeing a kind of cat defeat tigerstar with that kind of coat. please keep it realistic, refer to the warrior cats and survivors books if you need to! there are many sites explaining realistic eye-colours and pelt-colours for any animals.
  • do not pull a cinderpelt. in other words, please do not reincarnate your cat without granted permission from an admin, preferably me. even if you do ask an admin, it will probably be denied unless it is for a major plotline. if we ever have an rp refresh, feel free to recreate the character under a different name, though.
  • no signs from the afterlife. unless you have permission, do not have a random cat randomly receive a dream from the afterlives. if i see this happening i will delete the post and warn the person.
  • please, do not create your own clan or pack! this kind of goes without saying, but i don't want a group of outcasts forming their own clan or pack after being exiled or escaping or whatever the case is. i don't want to see it.
  • only one high position per member. i want to give people a chance, so don't go making the alpha, beta, and spirit-talker for every single pack. since there are more clans, i will allow two deputies and medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices, so i will allow if you have at least two high positions in each few clans.
  • before becoming a warrior, an apprentice must have had at least 4 training threads with their mentor, and 6 moons has to pass. please refer to the time guide to know how much that is in human years. if it has already passed that, please pm the leader of that clan so it can happen soon.
  • be active. this is especially needed if you auditioned for a high rank and were accepted. i don't want any clan or pack to be without a leader or alpha. they get sick. they get injured. doubled medicine cats must both be active. if they are not, pm an admin, preferably me, and i will release a thread to reserve any open high spots that were not played for a while.

Relationship Rules

  • heterosexual and homosexual relationships are allowed. but we please ask to keep it realistic. your same-gender relationship can not have kits, unless they adopt one from another reckless queen, or find one stranded in the middle of the territory. it is just simply not possible to have a kit of their own.

  • female leaders and male deputies are not allowed to have kits together. this will keep them from their job. it is fine for a female deputy to have kits with a warrior, she'll become a queen and someone else will take over for her until her kits become apprentices. leaders can have mates, but don't have them birth kits unless you have a good alibi for it.

  • medicine cats are allowed to have kits. just don't go too overboard and have her give birth to fifteen kits. if a male medicine cat has a mate who had just birthed kits, a responsible apprentice of his will take over. otherwise, i need a good alibi for why they had secret kits.

  • no graphic mating. because nobody in their right mind wants to read or see that.

  • to become pregnant, two mates must have at least three threads together. both roleplayer must need to agree on having kits or not.

  • if a kit is not adopted, within two weeks it will be announced dead.

Other Rules

  • please try your best to speak english. i realize not all of you might not be from an english-speaking country, but i ask you to try your best for roleplay. i am from europe myself, and look at all the words i've learned by now! i will allow one-liners only if you have a hard time speaking english. we don't want to decipher long spanish or french posts.
  • if you see someone breaking a major rule, please talk to an admin. do not reply to them, rudely or otherwise. just, please, i ask of you, to report it to an admin. we don't occasionally look through posts other than on the auditions pages and clan rp pages. we'll figure it out, just please alert us quickly and asap.
  • do not post on auditions unless you have a good reason to. i don't want to go through all these "go to chat" or "can i adopt that" posts in order to find if the actual creator of the character has fixed it. they will most likely post any adoptables in the character announcements, so don't go asking and spamming up peoples auditions. i'm sure they highly dislike it, too.
  • only administrators can accept ranked cats. please don't bother a moderator with them and instead go to us if you need us to check something over that we might not have seen before.
  • theft of anything, including art, characters, themes, or names is not appreciated. if someone is found to have stolen an item, then we will skip any second chances and go straight to an ip ban. if you have been wrongly accused of stealing an item, talk to us. we will listen.
  • now, i'm just gonna be a complete dork and say have fun. this goes without saying. if anything is bothering you, just talk to me. i don't bite. Smile

Life is like petals on a tree. You never know when they will grow or fall.

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